Having stayed on boats ever since returning to Hong Kong in 2013, the Franco-British Boater went from week-end sailor to full-time yacht broker in the time it takes to tie a bowline. His specialties include houseboats, blue water sailing yachts, trawler-style motor yachts and finding moorings in Hong Kong’s busy typhoon shelters. The proud owner of a 63ft Custom Cheoy Lee ketch and an Island Gypsy 44, he divides his spare time between sailing, freediving and working on recipes for his South China Sea Cookbook. Contact:



A practising artist and art teacher, Bowie joined The Boater as our first local yacht broker. Originating from Tai Po and speaking fluent Cantonese, English and Putonghua, she has a knack for finding good deals and closing them with lightning speed. She divides her spare time between martial arts, fine arts and the tatoo parlour. Contact:


Having worked in the wine and entertainment industry before joining The Boater, Stella has brought her solid sense of organisation, practical flair and Hong Kong can-do attitude to the operations, where she is responsible for administration. She is also charter broker with our sister company Taipan Charters Ltd. She divides her spare time between reading wine literature, listening to music and taking strolls in the Prince Edwards Flower Market. Contact: or



A qualified mechanical engineer, Baris worked for the online marketing and luxury industries before joining The Boater, where his fine salesmanship, pugnacity and charm have given the team a distinctive sparkle. Originating from Istanbul, Turkey, Baris is a fluent Putonghua-speaker; he is comfortable with all forms of motor and sailing yachts, with an emphasis on service and impeccable presentation. The proud owner of a Hunter 46, Baris divides his spare time between taking meticulous care of said Hunter and exploring Hong Kong’s idyllic anchorages. Contact:


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Gladys was also educated in Australia, Canada and France. She is perfectly fluent in Cantonese, English and Putonghua. A PVOL1 holder as well as an airline pilot, she is experienced with most types of yachts, from top-of-the-line cruisers to sailboats; she is also the proud owner of an off-grid, solar-powered house boat. Gladys prides herself in developing strong relations with clients and working on the perfect match between boat and buyer. When not on the water, she shares her spare time between travelling, outdoor sports and listening to music. Contact:

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